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Making a Difference in Global Energy

Fuel Economy Solution manufactures and supplies solid (powdered) and liquid fuel combustion catalyst technology under our own brand. Our product range is the Ultimate System Integrator in energy production using internal combustion engines or in open flame boilers or power plant applications. It is designed to optimize the interaction of the 2 key systems of fuel and engine design. We offer our product technology for private label use by OEMs, refiners, fuel suppliers and industry to solve some of the problems arising from transformation of fuel standards across different markets. We are also developing technical solutions in the circular economy in Waste to Energy and alternative fuels for industrial processes which we will outline at the World Renewable Energy Technology in Congress in Delhi in August 2019. 


As governments and nations around the globe strive to move to a more environmentally focused transport and power generation agenda, lowering fuel consumption and reducing emissions has become imperative. Lower sulphur fuels mean higher wear and tear on moving parts, so how do we maintain productivity and energy output whilst reducing toxic emissions and lowering our fuel costs during the green transformation to a zero carbon economy in 2050?


Manage carbon, save money

Our Commitment to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and a Zero Carbon Future by 2050

Our company and every green energy technology solution we offer is aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals to positively impact the most people as soon as possible. In addition to innovative applications of our combustion efficiency technologies, we participate actively in the dialogue around the global green economy transformation by speaking, moderating or partnering on industrial, energy, investment and economic congresses and forums. Through corporate speaking engagements and industrial green economy workshops, we share best practice arising from our R&D programmes and current experience, with key decision makers in the public and private sector. Fuel Economy Solution has been recognized internationally with awards in CSR, sustainability leadership and corporate excellence. 

Managing Carbon means Saving Money

Fuel Economy Solution is committed to exploring global opportunities to help governments and private sector companies to save money through reduced fuel consumption and lower emissions assisting greater environmental control.  There are many areas where this can be achieved using our product throughout the marine, rail and road transport, construction, mining and power generation processes.


We are currently exploring ways to help clients in Africa, Australia and the Middle East as well as across Europe. Managing Carbon is not just about saving the planet. Ask any of the CEOs of company giants within Logistics, Shipping, Transportation, Power Generation and Mining. Managing carbon means saving money, jobs and economies. The major players of global industry understand this but many within their supply chains do not. Fuel Economy Solution is committed to bringing companies of all sizes including SMEs to a new level of environmental awareness and performance using their existing asset base, without the need for immediate capital expenditure on new equipment.



Whether you operate in a developing nation using the dirtiest, highest sulphur fuels or alternatively are using 10ppm ultra low sulphur diesel in a more developed market, our product can be used to treat across this range of fuel standard. Because dose ratios shift according to sulpur content the targets for use of our product and thus commercial benefits at each fuel use level vary and need to be considered specifically in each case.

Cut Fuel Costs and Lower Emissions

Whether you are the Owner of a small company or a Finance Director responsible for the operating costs of assets that use millions of litres of fuel a week in heavy goods vehicles, power generators, civil engineering plant, ships, rail freight or passenger locos, the price of fuel is killing profits for your business.


At Fuel Economy Solution, Less is More... We can supply and distribute across all global markets an internationally proven, industrial scale, liquid and solid combustion catalyst technology for use in all internal combustion engines and open blame boiler and power generation applications: 

  • reduced fuel costs through improved, more efficient combustion
  • significantly lower emissions to help compliance with climate change regulations
  • direct increase in power output when required
  • cessation of existing valve recession and combustion chamber deposit control

Unlike some fuel economy management options that require initial investment in fitting of equipment up front, giving you cash flow or financing headaches, our liquid Fuel Combustion Catalyst provides you with an immediate return on your investment. In fact it is costing you every minute you don't use it from today.

Want to know more about Fuel Economy Solution or want to arrange a meeting? Contact us today through our contact page or email  

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