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How Does Our Technology Work?

Our Fuel Combustion Catalyst range enhances the efficiency of combustion of all hydrocarbon based fuels: petrol, diesel, bunker or heavy fuel oil, ethanol blends or bio-diesel. Our product is not classified as a fuel additive, rather it uses fuel as a carrier to deliver it into the combustion chamber of either a boiler or an engine where it actually does it's work. This is a true catalyst where there are no diluents or fillers - everything in our product is consumed during the combustion process.


In an internal combustion engine, for example, it works by enabling earlier ignition (due to hydrogen fusing) and improved heat transfer (through a 0.01µ catalytic micro coating on the surface of the combustion chamber, on the valves, the piston and the spark plugs). This in essence changes the shape and length of the burn of all fuels treated with our product, yielding safe but higher pressures earlier in the stroke giving more power and more complete combustion of the fuel your company pays good money for, which enables better fuel economy. 


The results are simple - more fuel burnt yielding further travel for the same amount of fuel purchased (i.e. savings) and less residue remaining in the form of emissions. Without ongoing carbon build up of remnant particulates of unburnt fuel you will observe a cleaner engine, reduced formation of soot and longer intervals of maintenance. This is due to lower wear and tear on moving parts thanks to the slightly improved lubricity provided by our product in addition to all the other benefits.

Our Science

Our liquid Fuel Combustion Catalyst has been extensively tested to identify exactly how it works and performs under test conditions. It contains 100% organic compounds for combustion engines, which ensure real fuel economy, increased engine power and reduce the amount of harmful exhaust gas at the same time.  


The Basic Combustion Efficiency Problem

For full combustion, the presence of oxygen is vital. Unlike simple molecular structured hydrocarbons like methane, (which burns almost completely due to the easy access for oxygen molecules during the combustion process), complex hydrocarbons like diesel and petrol are different. Due to their clustered structures, not all of the hydrocarbon molecules can be accessed by the oxygen molecules necessary for full combustion. The incomplete combustion results in exhaust of partially burnt molecules, increasing pollution and a build up of carbon in the combustion chamber. During the life time of the engine this process continually reduces its efficiency and increases the rate of fuel consumption.


Combustion Cycle – How the liquid Fuel Combustion Catalyst works

If you look at the action of a diesel, petrol or bio fuel internal combustion engine the four cycles involved are the intake cycle, the compression cycle, the power cycle and the exhaust cycle. What actually happens in an internal combustion engine without our liquid Fuel Catalyst is the combustion cycle does not complete the combustion inside the combustion chamber causing carbon build up, increased fuel consumption and harmful emissions. In fact if you take the exhaust manifold off most internal combustion engines you will see fire exiting the exhaust system during the exhaust cycle.


Now once our liquid Fuel Combustion Catalyst is placed into the fuel whether it be petrol, diesel or bio fuel, and dispersed in the fuel, the fuel becomes a carrier and takes the catalyst into the combustion chamber. Once there, the catalyst cleans the carbon build up and accelerates the combustion causing it to complete in the combustion chamber itself. This yields cleaner exhaust (reducing exhaust emissions) and more horsepower. With cleaner exhaust, not as much heat is allowed to exit, reducing exhaust temperature. This increases the efficiency of the engine both in lower fuel consumption and lower CO2 and NOx exhaust emission levels as well as increased horsepower. Our liquid Fuel Combustion Catalyst is scientifically proven that it absolutely works.

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