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In these fast moving times where the global transformation in fuel quality standards is driving air quality and emissions regulations, this service can provide help, advice and support to private and public sector organizations in their implementation of green energy transition plans. Understanding and supporting green economy transformation is the key function of Green Economy Solution with a focus on the following:

  • Waste to Energy R&D including alternative cleaner industrial fuels development
  • Reduced Scrubber Retrofit Investment burning cleaner fuels for IMO 2020 marine sulphur cap
  • Low sulphur fuel in higher sulphur engines
  • High sulphur fuel in lower sulphur engines
  • Hybrid mining energy efficiency and power solutions
  • Cleaner coal fired power generation
  • Cleaner diesel fired power generation
  • Cleaner diesel powered rail transport

Green Economy Solution is available to help facilitate the transformation from the fuels of today, such as coal, natural gas, diesel, gasoline and MDO/HFO, improving their use through enabling better combustion efficiency, to the use of the fuels of tomorrow such as kelp fuel, palm oil diesel and biomass. Combustion efficiency across all combustion based technologies is still absolutely critical to green energy and green economy transformation.


Green Economy Solution - your Global Transition Partner

If your country or territory advocates the use of high sulphur fuels today but you want to move to lower sulphur fuels tomorrow, Let Green Economy Solution be your local, regional or global Transition Partner of Choice to support hw you get there. If governmental shift to lower carbon and lower sulphur fuels is taking place currently in your country or region, there will eventually be a requirement to replace the vehicles, power generators, etc. with new technology designed for teh lower sulphur fuels, bringing about the improvement in environmental performance that is being targeted in the process. But, what happens until then? How do you reduce fuel costs and lower emissions from today? For example, even if road vehicles for cities were to be restricted to those that were 10 years old or less, in many developing emissions controlled markets these could still include several generations of higher sulphur engine standard (e.g. EURO or BS II & III).  The inefficient combustion of low sulphur fuel in these engines will only serve to increase city wide pollution unless fuel treatment at the refinery is deployed in fuel used in all engines. This is the sweet spot for our combustion technology - helping older equipment with higher sulphur engines but lower sulphur (and lower lubricity) fuel to cope.

Your Global Green Energy Combustion Efficiency Transition Partner of Choice

For more information please contact us at the address shown below  putting "GES" in the subject line.



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