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Fuel Economy Solution is focused on green innovation and combustion efficiency technology. We can supply liquid and powdered sustainable base metal combustion catalysts in bulk for refiners and high capacity hydrocarbon fuel users. Our three key product families vary in degrees of organometallic purity, composition and treat rate to suit each application.


We are also constantly looking  for new and innovative ways to incorporate our technology into lower carbon applications that can underpin or enhance development of our societies; (e.g. waste to energy and alternative industrial fuels). Furthermore we seek innovative partners in technology and green financing with the only criteria being that target outcomes will positively impact SDGs (see below) and benefit mankind in the race to save our planet.


In July 2018 our company established manufacturing supply of our own combustion catalyst Ultimate System Integrator (USI) product range. Our combustion technology incorporates sustainable base metal catalysis which can be applied in bulk across almost every sector of industry world wide. So in effect, despite having started out in 2012 as a distributor for an intermediary supplier, we have now launched our own USI-branded range of powdered and liquid combustion products with a solid scientific base.


We therefore would describe our business as a global tech start up but with experience. We are an agile product and service consultancy and operate using a ServCo-OpCo business model (see below): 


The benefits of our outsource model, is that we retain focus on our core business, R&D, market and new solution development & implementation. However, through our third party partner network consisting of global corporations and local experts in their fields, we have the support of over 63,000 employees worldwide to help us whenever and wherever we need it.

Our Values

Effectively by launching our own range of cost effective, fuel saving and emissions reducing liquid and solid fuel technologies, Fuel Economy Solution is creating a partnering relationship with the both public and private sector organizations that it works with (not a client/supplier, parent/child relationship) thereby creating long-term partnerships working together for truly effective change and mutual benefit with sustainable relations, necessary climate change policy development and commercial sustainability.

  • Knowledge – fuel types and content, fuel combustion, internal combustion engine types, fuel industry and its development, fuel regulation and its development, fuel industry expertise and we hold our own with experts in industry
  • Integrity – we demonstrate that we do what we say, we deliver, we create trust by demonstrating we are knowledgeable, with complete openness and honesty
  • Commitment – we are committed through our business model to working together with partners for mutual benefit, and thereby making our operation successful and scalable for the long-term, putting the time and effort it to make our partnerships and our own business work
  • Professional – we are highly professional in everything we do ourselves and in our relationships with our supply, public and private sector partners



Our Focus: SDG Driven Solution Sets

In February 2019, with the aim of applying to register for the UN Global Compact program, we carried out an internal assessment of the positive impact (with respect to the UN Sustainable Development Goals) that successful deployment of our combustion technology would bring to relevant sectors of energy consumption. This enabled us to understand the areas of our business where our combustion technology can bring mostbenefit to governments, private sector industry and communities. We have used this to draw up the scope and priority of our company business development operations. The key sectors or service offerings in order are as below:

  • Consulting - central and state governments and private sector through Green Economy Solution 
  • Waste to Energy - focus on cleaner combustion of pelletized domestic/industrial/agri waste
  • Mining - implementation of hybrid lower carbon energy mix solutions (including renewables from partners)
  • Innovative financing - use of SPVs to fund cleaner agricultural fuel saving climate initiatives
  • Marine transport - openwater, shortsea shipping, inland waterways and portside equipment
  • Cleaner diesel and coal fired power generation (and use of lower carbon WtE co-firing)
  • Rail transport (especially diesel freight locos)
  • Alternative fuels development for energy source for industrial processes (cement, steel and aluminium)
  • Road transport - public/private sector fleets and replicable B2C local community air pollution projects

The economics of green energy transformation mean we must find economically sustainable ways of funding our transition to a green, zero carbon economy by 2050. Our goal at Fuel Economy Solution is to become obsolete, irrelevant. When our technology is no longer needed it means fossil fuels are no longer in use on our planet and we will be at or close to a zero carbon existence. The unsurvivable consequences are such that we cannot fail

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