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At Fuel Economy Solution, we don't sit behind desks remotely observing climate change developments hoping someone comes up with a good idea for us to capitalise on. We believe in getting actively involved with the climate change debate and development of innovative new ways to accelerate the global green economy transformation; (see section on international speakers). We have also been recognized internationally for our global green future leadership by the World CSR Congress in 2015 and 2018.


On the 18th February 2019, it was in fact one of our greatest honours to be invited by the Founder, Dr R.L.Bhatia, to host the first half of World CSR Day at the Taj Lands End in Mumbai.

Climate change purists might argue that our base metal combustion catalyst technology is as old as the hills. After all it has its origins in the original rocket propellant studies from the 1960s and 70s of the early space race, where fuel efficiency with the smallest amount for the most efficient burn was the best way to break free of earth's gravity.


However, 50 years ago there was no Paris Accord. Global warming was a speck in the future of our eye. Poor quality undermineralized soils and overloading of mother natures resources had yet to reflect in nutritionless food chains resulting in the chronic degenerative disease epidemics in the human race which are now upon us. There is an intrinsic connection between climate change and the overloading of our global healthcare systems which are now being overwhelmed as our bodies break down and struggle to cope.


Therefore in 2020, alongside several other initiatives, Fuel Economy Solution will be launching a research trust to focus on micronutrient research to reverse the impacts of pollution on the human energy system, the 1.5 volts that runs the electromotive force that operates the central nervous system in all of us, in literally every body. Without that energy force there is no life. We begin to die as soon as cells are not replaced on a daily basis.


Health is a cellular event. Healthy cells mean healthy organs. Healthy organs mean the five essential systems of the human body are healthy. Healthy systems mean Quality of Life, which is what we all aspire to.


How do we detoxify heavy metals from children affected by traffic and industrial air pollution? Can we reverse impacts on children and (undiagnosed) adults of toxic and heavy metal poisoning? In the West 1 in 8 deaths are now being attributed to the tidal wave of dementia decimating our older populations. Using clinical nutrition and micronutrient protocols, can we reverse the role pollution plays in the industrial neurotoxins absorbed into our bodies via the air we breathe and the food we eat?



How do we naturally boost glutathione production, strengthen our immune systems and improve cellular glycosylation to prevent development of chronic diseases initiated through the DNA-mutating damage caused by toxic pollution? Western healthcare systems are on the brink of collapse. Just as we need to find lower carbon ways to make cement, steel and aluminium to displace the use of coal and other fossil fuels, we need to re-define how we drive the human body through food.


The Nitrogen Phosphate Potash (NPK) food farming philosophy has failed. The South-south nations have an opportunity to avoid the western style trace mineral deficiency epidemics of chronic degenerative disease such as type II (adult onset) diabetes, cancer and autoimmune disorders (many of which rob the body of the ability to absorb life-sustaining nutrients themselves).


In addition to our focus on improving the efficiency of human energy systems, (as well as the industrial ones), we also remain strong advocates of greater promotion of STEM subjects in schools and empowerment of more females to enter into engineering and scientific vocations to help drive through the innovative changes we will need to transform our planet and save the environment. 

We need more inspirational students like these young delegates at the 9th World PetroCoal Congress in Delhi February 2019!



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